Tatung Payphones
Name Tatung

TTC Housing

TTC Housing Image


External Features

  • Rust-inhibitive zinc plated.
  • 13 gauge throughout with double walled construction in vandal-prone areas.
  • Hinged door for easy service access. The hinges are made of military grade steel with hardened steel pins for vandal resistance.
  • Carbon steel, armor plated, reinforced upper door.

Internal Features

  • StuffBuster Anti-Stuffing Electronic Coin Processing System.
  • Escrow - Double solenoid type for simple maintenance and high reliability.
  • Quality handset.
  • Quality keypad.

GTE Housing

GTE Housing Image


External Features

  • Corrosion resistant, scratch-proof, weather-proof exterior paint.
  • Electrodeposition plating and undercoating process.
  • 14-gauge steel throughout, double-walled in critical areas to prevent vandalism and theft.
  • Industry standard compatibility ensures interchangeable upper housing, lower housing, and vault doors.

Internal Features

  • Coin Processor - Standard Coinco mechanical coin processor or the StuffBuster anti-stuffing device with Mars MS-16 electronic coin processor.
  • Non-Stop Escrow.
  • Quality handset.
  • Quality keypad.


Available Options

  • StuffBusterTM Anti-Stuffing Electronic Coin Processing System.
  • Volume Control.
  • Anti-Stuffing Coin Return Hopper.
  • Explosive-Proof Coin Return Hopper.
  • 50" long armored handset cord.

Body Guard

Complete Body Armor Image

High Quality Stainless Steel

Complete Protection for Your Investment

  • Traditional panel design.
  • Easy field installation, no welding.
  • Easy maintenance; corrosion resistant.


200C Payphone Image

Series 200C Outdoor Coin-Operated Payphone

In the Series 200C, Tatung Telecom has combined a rugged housing, electronic coin processor (ECPTM), and its hallmark StuffBusterTM anti-stuffing device, to produce a smart, line-powered pay telephone of unsurpassed quality and reliability.

The Series 200C is designed to withstand rigorous conditions, high-traffic locations, severe weather conditions, vandalism, and to return maximum profits. Its die-cast, reinforced housing is made of 14-gauge steel and is virtually vandal-proof. The patented StuffBusterTM method of trapping debris in the upper coin path and pushing it aside for later removal, eliminates the vandal-stuffing that has plagued coin phones in the past.

The Series 200C is programmable, and can be administered by the TTC RENCONSM & RNSSM Payphone Network Management System. Either as a stand-alone unit, or as an element within the centrally controlled network, the TTC Series 200C Indoor/Outdoor Coin-Operated Payphone is smart and rugged enough for any environment.

200M Multi-Pay Telephone

Series 200M Outdoor Multi-Pay Telephone

The TTC Series 200M Multi-Pay Telephone is an intelligent, line-powered unit designed for maximum flexibility, reliability and profit. The choice of coin or IC card payment translates into added convenience for customers as well as increased profits for operators, and those revenues are protected by fraud deterrent technology in both coin and card processing functions.

The Series 200M is a popular choice because it is easy to install, maintain and manage. Line-powered operation eliminates the need for an additional power source, while simplified circuitry and modular components reduce maintenance expenses.

The corrosion-resistant, watertight and weatherproof exterior withstands environmental conditions and resists attempts at theft and vandalism.

The Series 200M is programmable and can be administered by the TTC RENCONSM& RNSSMPayphone Network Management System.


Tatung Telecom Corporation (TTC) is an affiliate of
Tatung Company of Taiwan, a US$5 billion strong corporation that is one of the most prominent manufacturers in Asia. Our mission at TTC is to meet customer expectations by defining, designing, manufacturing and marketing superior quality advanced telecommunications products.

TTC focuses on manufacturing intelligent payphones, a payphone network management system used by telephone service providers worldwide, wireless communications, public and private Internet access devices, and electronic payment terminals and processing equipment. TTC provides private label manufacturing to telecom authorities, major telecom equipment suppliers, telephone service providers and agents. TTC also welcomes joint venture opportunites.

With headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA, and manufacturing facilities in Asia, TTC excels in providing innovative and quality solutions for the telecommunications marketplace at highly competitive price points. Having the agility and flexibility of a fast-pace company backed by the financial strength and manufacturing expertise of its multi-billion dollar parent company, TTC responds to global market requirements quickly and efficiently.

By integrating with Tatung Company's ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities, TTC capitalizes on an over 70-year tradition of manufacturing expertise and exacting quality control standards to maintain the precision and superior quality of its telecommunications products.

TTC's product innovations include its microprocessor-based intelligent electronic coin-operated payphone with the patented StuffBuster anti-jamming and Non-Stop Escrow devices, a UNIX-based payphone network management system, and a growing family of smart integrated circuit (IC) card-operated payphones.


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