Name  Schlumberger models Access 110, 200, 500, IT
Maker  Schlumberger, France
Date  present
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Terminals - Outdoor payphone range - Access 110
The PF08 payphone has been in production for more than 10 years and has provided many years of reliable service in every corner of the globe. However, although the PF08 was a state of the art product at the time of its design, there are now some advanced features in which it is restricted. The Access 110 allows an upgrade of the existing payphones to be compatible with the latest technology, by replacing only needed parts, i.e. the electronic board and the card reader.
Moreover, this Functional Upgrade Kit is based on the same design as the latest range of Schlumberger payphones. So new payphones of the Access or Grafit families can be added in the same park without worrying about their compatibility, i.e. they will all use the same software, with a common Payphone Management System.

Terminals - Outdoor payphone range - Access 200
Access 200 is the entry range payphone based on the latest Schlumberger payphone design, and providing all latest services developed for the Access and Grafit ranges.
The product includes:
  • Housing made from molded Aluminum and covered with a highly resistant textured painting.
  • A 2x20 display, which can be back lighted
  • Interaction with the end-user is ensured with following keypads:
    • 4x3 standard CCITT marked keypad
    • 5 programmable function keys
    • Fully static reader (no moving part), manually operated

Terminals - Outdoor payphone range - Access 500
Access-500 is providing in addition to Access 200:
  • A graphical display 132x48 pixels.
  • 4 additional speed dial keys.
Non-Latin languages are available thanks to this graphical display. The 4 keys allow additional end-user services such as advertising (direct link to restaurant or hotels), special promotion (voting for TV shows) or many other kind of services imagined by operators.

On the hardware point of view, this product is also designed to be able to evolve after field installation, so as to become an Access IT.

Terminals - Outdoor payphone range - Combo Option for coin acceptance
Access Combo is an upgrade kit, fully compatible with all Access payphones, suitable for different environments and traffic density needs. Combo has been designed according to three major features:
  • High resistance against frauds and vandalism.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Remote supervision of events.
Made of two layers of steel, the vault resists to most attacks, while coin entry and refund cup prevents all fraud attempts known.
Its coin mechanism design offers easy replacement of spare parts, and presents:
  • Coin validator, which accepts up to 32 types of coins.
  • Coin escrow, with 8-coin storage capacity and best coin refund.
This coin module was developed by our partner Azkoyen. Leveraging on its 30 years experience in coin management, Azkoyen has developed a secure and reliable solution. It allows us to provide the best features and performance on the market (remote downloading of coin parameters, sensors tested and calibrated one by one, anti fishing flaps´┐Ż) Hence, we can propose a solution to fight any counterfeits within 2 weeks.

Terminals - Outdoor payphone range - Access IT
Access-IT is a mains-powered analogue smart card terminal supporting advanced user interface features and new services.
This model is a very upgradeable outdoor payphone with the following main standard characteristics:
  • Specific Data downloadable: in addition to parameters, tariff tables and software, specific man-machine interfaces can be downloaded.
  • Downloading of scripts with advertising, information and speed dial keys.
  • The user is guided through messages on a graphic 240 x 128 pixels LCD display.
  • Interaction with the end-user is ensured with following keypads:
    • 4x3 standard CCITT keypad + 5 programmable function keys.
    • 8 additional keys, called soft keys, surrounding the display.