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Cardoperated payphone AKT-69 produced by our factory will relieve you of having to provide yourself with coins or tokens. AKT-69 offers:
  • acceptance of debet cards complying with ISO 7810, 7816,
  • dialing with the use of key pulser;
  • contact with called party and payment for 1 - or 3-minute -conversation with the respective decrease in the amount debited on the card in case of reverse polarity of subscriber line terminals;
  • programming of rated intervals;
  • 1 aural warning signal 20 seconds prior to the end of the pre-paid time interval and 2 signals CE before the amount debited on the card is spent;
  • free call of special services;
  • protection of user's interests CE automatic erasure of number after the handset is replaced on the hook-switch;
  • blocking of the payphone line to avoid bridging telephone connection;
  • liquid-crystal indication of initial and current amounts debited on the card;
  • indication of dialing number.

The repair kit consists of:
  • expendable electronic card unit design for acceptance of electronic debet cards instead of tokens and coins;
  • key pulser unit with illuminated liquid-crystal indicator. The kit must be installed on payphone АЖТ-69 and AMT-69 produced in accordance with specifications DAT. 218.046. The kits provides the following functional possibilities of the payphone:
  1. Reception of debet cards of three types with different protocols of information exchange.
  2. Liquid-crystal indication of initial and current amounts debited on the card.
  3. Dialing with the use of the key pulser unit.
  4. Establishment of contact (voice communication) with the called party after polarity of subscriber line terminals is reversed.
  5. The rating based on time intervals (from 1 to 250 seconds) selected by the Customer.
  6. 2 warning aural signals 20 seconds before the expiry of the pre-paid interval and 3 warning aural signals 20 seconds before the amount debited on the card is spent.
  7. Disconnection after the expiry of the pre-paid interval, provided that a valid card is not inserted in the card control unit.
  8. Free call of special services which number is up to 3 digits long.
  9. Pulse or frequency dialing of numbers up to 16 digits long, without waiting for translation of signals into the line, and additional frequency dialing without limitations after polarity of the line terminal is reversed.
  10. Any time disconnection through pressing the hook-switch or the key "#", (ring off) on the key pulser.
  11. Redialing of the last number up to 1 6 digits long by pressing the keys "e", (ring off) and "*" (redial).
  12. Erasure of dialed number with out a possibility to redial it if the line was disconnected with the use of the hook-switch.
  13. Bar of indices of international and trunk communication.
  14. Bar of dialing with the use of the telephone set connected in parallel to the payphone subscriber line.
  15. Possibility to change the rated interval, as well as of soft-ware of the electronic card unit so that to accept debet cards of other types (other protocol of information exchange).
  16. Provision with preferential rate for a certain time interval after the reverse of polarity so that a fitter can check connection and performance of the payphone without credit card, pro-vided that this interval is not longer than 5 seconds.
  17. Transfer of debet card number and the number of bits to payphone remote control equipment with the use of DTMF-code.


The overall dimensions of the electronic card unit do not exceed dimensions ofthe units used in payphones AMT-69 and АЖТ-69, while its mounting dimensions are similar to the same, which makes it possible to install the unit under operating conditions without dismounting of the payphone and alteration in its mounting circuit.

Construction of the electronic card unit provides for:

1. Acceptance of debet cards that comply with ISO 781O/ 7816.

2. Prevention of free connection which can be received through mechanical impact (stroke) to the case or hook-switch of the payphone, or through short out by connection of the microphone to the case.

3. Protection against ingress of any objects, other than de-bet cards, into the payphone and easy cleaning out of the unit (with its partial disassembly).

4. Change in rated time intervals without soldering (i.e. by mechanical contact switch).

The unit is operated from the subscriber line, and consumption current does not exceed 1 mA when the handset is on the hook-switch and line is disconnected with the use of the key ''#'' (ring off).

Mechanical and weather resistance of the unit complies with the requirements of specifications РГО. 218.046.

City token-operated payphone of improved mechanical resistance equipped with key pulser for pulse and pulse-frequency dialing



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The Open Joint Stock Company Perm Telephone Factory Telta has 60-year experience of development and manufacture of high-quality and reliable products, as well as high production and technical potential , and is the a largest manufacturer of all-purpose wire telephones in Russia.

The history of the Factory began in uneasy time for our country, The specialists and machinery of electromechanical plant were evacuated from Leningrad on August 9, 1941 , and in the next month they produced the first batch of phonic call telephonesets in wooden cases.

Now conveyers and flow lines of the Factory make various apparatuses designed to operate ... everywhere - in apartments, industrial enterprises, organizations, mines, pays tat ion booths, vessels,police posts and etc.

Among tradition a customers of the Company are presidential and government a structures, police department, frontier troops, the Navy - everyone, who needs reliable special communication protected against unauthorized listening.

Prominent among the products of the OJSC "Telta" is card technology: universal paystation OIAN-1 5280, electronic card-operated module, equipment for pre-sale check of debit cards, facilities for protection of subscriber line paystations against unauthorized connection, equipment for paystation remote contra and etc.

Following its principles and traditions, the Company tries to please its customers with newly designed products, meeting their desires and being ready to execute their orders up to the world standards.

We make things better!