The 1998 list of phonecard manufacturers by country.
Albania - Alcatel Bell Trial Card


Algeria Smart Gemplus -


Andorra Smart Schlumberger -


Anguilla - GPT Caribbean Series


Antigua Magnetic GPT -


Antigua Smart GPT -


Ascension magnetic GPT, Datacard -


Argentina smart Schlumberger, Telefonica




Argentina Optical Landis & Gyr Provinox


Argentina Magnetic Urmet Telecom


Argentina Smart Gemplus Telecom


Aruba Optical Landis & Gyr -


Austria Optical Landis & Gyr -


Australia Magnetic - Payphonics


Australia Magnetic - Pay*Tels


Australia Optical - Telecom


Azerbaijan Smart Schlumberger, -


Alcatel Bell


Bahamas Smart Gemplus -


Bahrain Magnetic GPT -


Bangladesh Magnetic Urmet -


Belgium Optical Alcatel Bell -


Belgium Smart Alcatel Bell -


Benin Optical Landis & Gyr -


Bermuda Smart Gemplus -


Bolivia Magnetic Tamura -


Botswana Smart Solaic -


Brazil Inductive - -


Brazil Magnetic - Bus cardphone


Brunei Magnetic Ascom Autelca -


BVI (1) Magnetic GPT Caribbean Series


Burkina Smart Schlumberger -


Burkina Optical Landis & Gyr -


Burundi Optical Landis & Gyr -


Bulgaria - GPT Betkom


Cambodia Magnetic Amritsu -


Cameroon Smart Schlumberger, -




Cameroon Magnetic Ascom Autelca -


Canada - Landis & Gyr BTel


Canada Remote - Bell


Canada - - Phoneline Int.


Canada Magnetic - Calgary


Cayman I. - Datacard -


Cayman I. - GPT -


Cape Verde Optical Landis & Gyr Previously in use


Cape Verde Smart Schlumberger Now in use


CAR (2) Smart Schlumberger -


CAR Optical Landis & Gyr -


Chile Smart Gemplus -


Chile Magnetic Tamura -


China Magnetic GPT Shenda Telephone


China - - Shenzen


China - - Beijing


China - - Guangzhou


Cyprus Magnetic GPT -


Czech Smart GPT Prague CityCard


Colombia Magnetic Tamura Barranquilla


Colombia Smart Alcatel Bell Local Company


Congo Smart Schlumberger Braziville


Cook I. Magnetic GPT -


Costa Rica Magnetic GPT -


Costa Rica Smart Schlumberger -


Croatia Smart Amper, Gemplus -


Cuba Smart Schlumberger -


Curacao Optical Landis & Gyr -


Cyprus Magnetic GPT -


Denmark Smart - KTAS


Diego G. Magnetic Ascom Autelca Cable & Wireless


Djbouti Smart Schlumberger Chip in AFNOR Position


Dominica Magnetic GPT Caribbean Series


Egypt - Gemplus Africa Telecom


Egypt - Schlumberger Special Event Cards


Egypt Magnetic Amritsu -


Estonia - Landis & Gyr Estonian Telecom


Estonia Magnetic Alcatel Bell On Trial


EG (3) Smart Schlumberger Chip in AFNOR Position


Falkands - Datacard Cable & Wireless


Falklands Magnetic Alcatel Bell On Trial


Faroes - DZ Danmark -


Fiji Magnetic GPT Fintel (C&W)


Fiji Magnetic GPT Post & Telecom NZ


Finland Smart Avant Avant Electronic Purse


France Smart Solaic, Gemplus France Telecom,


Schlumberger Chip in ISO Position


France Smart Monetel -


France Smart Smart Ingeniere Private Cardphones


Fr.Poly Smart Schlumberger -


Gabon Smart Schlumberger -


Gabon Magnetic Ascom Autelca -


Gambia Smart Schlumberger, -




Gibraltar Optical Landis & Gyr -


Ghana Optical Landis & Gyr -


Ghana Smart Schlumberger -


GB Smart Delphic Cambridge Telephones, plan to


launch Cardphones & Chipcards


GB Smart GPT, Gemplus, BT start converting all card


Schlumberger and cashphones this year.


GB Optical Landis & Gyr BT, now being phased out.


GB Smart Siemens ACC, private site service


GB Magnetic GPT Mercury, being phased out


GB Magnetic Ascom Autelca Kite, took over from IPLS


GB - GPT BR Telecom, railway payphones


Greece Smart GPT, Gemplus -


Grenada Smart GPT Caribbean Series


Guatemala Smart Gemplus About to be introduced


Guernsey Smart GPT Guernsey Telecom


Guinea B. Optical Landis & Gyr -


Guinea C. Smart Schlumberger -


Hong Kong Remote GPT Telecom


Hong Kong Magnetic Ascom Autelca -


Hungary Smart GPT, Gemplus -


Iceland Smart Schlumberger Radiomidun, ship to shore use


Iceland Optical Landis & Gyr -


India Smart Aplab, Urmet SGS-Thomson Module


Indonesia Magnetic Tamura Indonesia Telkom


Iran Smart Solaic Square Centred Contact


Ireland Smart Gemplus, Telecom Eireann




Ireland Smart Gemplus Superphone, Ferries & Buses


Isle of Man Smart GPT -


Israel Optical Landis & Gyr Bezeq


Italy Magnetic Urmet -


Ivory C'st Magnetic Ascom Autelca CI Telecom


Jamaica Magnetic GPT -


Japan Remote - -


Japan Magnetic Tamuru, Anritsu NTT


Jersey - McCorquodale, GPT Jersey Telecom


Jordan Magnetic Ascom Autelca? PTT, withdrawn


Kazakhstan Smart Schlumberger AlmaAta, Trial card


S.Korea Magnetic Ascom Autelca -


Kuwait Magnetic GPT, Tamura -


Latvia - Alcatel Bell -


Lebanon Smart Schlumberger Chip in AFNOR Position


Libya Smart Gemplus Chip in AFNOR Position


Lithuania Magnetic Urmet -


Lux'bourg Smart Schlumberger, -




Macau Magnetic GPT CTM


Macedonia Smart Schlumberger -


Madagascar Smart Schlumberger -


Malaysia Magnetic GPT Uniphone, smart cards soon


Maldives Magnetic GPT -


Mali Optical Landis & Gyr -


Mali Smart Schlumberger -


Malta Smart Schlumberger -


Mauritius Optical Landis & Gyr -


Mexico Smart Monetel, Gemplus, Telmex






Mexico Smart Amper, Gemplus, Telnor




Micronesia Magnetic Tamura FSMTC


Micronesia Magnetic Tamura MTC


Monaco Smart Gemplus, Solaic, -




Monserrat Magnetic GPT Caribbean Series


Morocco Smart Schlumberger Alfatel, field trial


Morocco Optical Landis & Gyr For GATT Meeting


Namibia Smart GPT -


N.Caledonia Smart Schlumberger Chip in AFNOR Position


N.Zealand - - Global Telecom Systems,


about to launch 1st cards


N.Zealand Remote GPT Telecom NZ


Netherlands Smart Solaic, Gemplus, PTT Telecom


SDU Payphones accept optical,


magnetic & smartcards


Netherlands Optical Landis & Gyr -


Nicaragua Smart Gemplus -


Niger Optical Landis & Gyr -


Nigeria Magnetic Ascom Autelca -


Nigeria Smart Schlumberger, AVE




Norway Smart Schlumberger, -




Norway Magnetic - Long Distance railcard


Oman Magnetic GPT -


Pakistan - Landis & Gyr Telecom Foundation


Pakistan Smart Schlumberger -


Pakistan Magnetic Urmet Telips, partnership with


Telefon & Int. Payphones


Papua N.G. Optical Landis & Gyr -


Peru Smart Solaic Telepoint


Peru Smart Gemplus Provincial Telco


Peru Magnetic Tamura -


Philippines Magnetic GPT Eastern Telecom


Philippines Magnetic DZ Danmark -


Poland Optical Landis & Gyr Trial Cards


Poland Magnetic Urmet Trial Cards


Poland Smart Schlumberger Trial Cards


Portugal Smart Schlumberger Telecom Portugal


Portugal Optical Landis & Gyr Telecom Portugal


Portugal Smart Schlumberger TLP


Puerto Rico - - Puerto Rico Telecom, mainly


for US islands


Puerto Rico Remote - Trescom, expected shortly


Qatar Magnetic Ascom Autelca -


Romania Smart Schlumberger Rom Telecom


Romania Smart Alcatel -


Romania Smart Gemplus Emcom


Romania Magnetic - Telefonica Romania, attendant




Russia Smart Gemplus Moscow cellular Systems


Russia Smart Gemplus St. Petersburg, field trials


Russia Optical Landis & Gyr -


Russia Magnetic GPT Peterstar, owned with GPT


Russia Magnetic GPT Nakhoda


Russia Magnetic GPT Sakhalin Telecom


Russia - Alcatel Bell Combelga, installation soon


Sao Tome Optical Landis & Gyr -


San Marino - Urmet -


Saudi Magnetic GPT -


Senegal Smart Schlumberger,




Seychelles Optical Landis & Gyr Cable & Wireless


Singapore Smart Gemplus, GPT -


Sierra L. Magnetic Urmet -


Slovakia Smart GPT Slovakian Telecom


Solomon I. Magnetic GPT -


Sth. Africa Smart GPT Telkom SA


Sth. Africa Smart Solaic Transtel


Sth. Africa Smart - Telkor, International Payphone




Sth. Africa - - Transnet Railways


Slovenia Smart Gemplus -


Spain Smart - CabiTel


Spain Smart - Telefonica


Sri Lanka Optical GPT -


Sri Lanka Magnetic Anritsu Sri Lanka Telecom


St Helena Magnetic GPT -


St Lucia Magnetic GPT Caribbean Series


St Kitts Magnetic GPT Caribbean Series


St Martin Smart Gemplus Chip in AFNOR Position


St Vincent Magnetic GPT Caribbean Series


Sweden Optical Landis & Gyr Stena Link Ferries


Sweden Magnetic - -


Sweden Smart - Televerket


Switz'land Smart - From 1996


Switz'land Optical Landis & Gyr -


Syria Magnetic Urmet -


Taiwan Opticla Landis & Gyr -


Tanzania - Landis & Gyr Trial cards


Tchad Smart Gemplus, -




Thailand Optical Landis & Gyr Field Trials


Thailand Smart GPT Lenso Phone, for International




Togo Magnetic GPT Rumoured to be changing to




Tonga - GPT -


T&T (4) Magnetic GPT -


Tunisia Optical Urmet Field Trials


Tunisia Smart Schlumberger -


Turkey Magnetic Alcatel Bell -


Turkey Optical Landis & Gyr -


Turkey Smart Schlumberger Event Card


T&C (5) Magnetic GPT Caribbean Series


Ukraine Magnetic Ascom Autelca -


Uganda Magnetic Tamura -


UAE Magnetic Tamura -


Uraguay Magnetic Tamura -


USA Remote - ACI, small new company


USA Remote - AFSCOM, military


USA Smart Schlumberger Alaska, fish processing plants


USA Magnetic/ - Americtech, Known as Coinsavers




USA Remote - Ameratel, launch soon


USA Remote - American Public & Private Comms


USA Remote - Amerivox


USA Remote - AT&T


USA Remote - Bell Atlantic


USA Magnetic - Bell South


USA Remote - Cable & Wireless


USA Remote - Cardcaller, maybe withdrawn


USA Remote - CCT, minor player


USA Smart Schlumberger Comsat, ship to shore


USA Remote - Communications Gateway Network


USA Remote - Connect 1 Comms


USA Remote - Conquest 6, debit card


USA Remote - DCD Comms, dialback service


USA Magnetic Tamura FSMTC


USA Remote - Fone America


USA Remote - Global Telecomms Solutions


USA Remote - Gophone/Actionline, uses


Amerivox system


USA Magnetic Tamura GTE Hawaii


USA Remote - Metromedia Comms Corp


USA Magnetic Tamura MTC. Nt. Marianna Islands


USA Magnetic Tamura NYNEX


USA Remote - Peoples Telephone Co, prompts


in 12 languages


USA Remote - Phoneline USA


USA Remote - Phonetime


USA Remote - Quest Comms


USA Remote - Select Net


USA Remote - Sprint


USA Magnetic Tamura Teleconcepts


USA Remote - Renewal through credit card




USA Remote - Telekey, uses 9 languages


USA Remote - Timemachine, uses autorenewal


USA Remote - Teletext, uses 9 languages


USA Remote - Varetic Telecom


USA Smart Gemplus US West


USA Smart Schlumberger US South


USA Remote - Western Union


USA Remote - Worldwide Comms


UN - - Telepax, cards for peace


related projects


Uzbekistan Smart Schlumberger -


Vatican Magnetic Urmet -


Vanuatu Smart Schlumberger -


Venezuela Smart Solaic, Gemplus CANTV


Venezuela Smart Solaic Yellow Pages


Vietnam - - Telecom Australia


Vietnam Smart Schlumberger Trials in Hanoi


Vietnam Magnetic Sapura Hanoi City PTT


W&F (6) Smart Schlumberger Chip in AFNOR Position


Yemen Magnetic Ascom Autelca TeleYemen






(1) British Virgin Isles


(2) Central African Republic


(3) Equatorial Guinea


(4) Trinidad & Tobago


(5) Turks & Caicos


(6) Wallace & Fortuna