Name Northern Telecom Centurion
This is an example of a Northern Electric/Northern Telecom (now called Nortel Networks) Centurion pay phone. This pay phone was manufactured from the mid-1970's through the mid-1980's.

These payphones were used quite extensively in the USA by United Telephone/Carolina Telephone & Telegraph/Central Telephone (now collectively known as Sprint Local). Other independents used these as well. These were also used quite extensively in Canada.

Both rotary and Touch-Tone varieties exist. These phones can be found commonly in the following colors - brown, black, green and blue.

Versions made for the USA were made to be compatible with the Western Electric/AT&T dual-frequency tone ACTS system. Canadian versions originally used single tones but may have been later modified to use the dual-tone system.

Canadian versions could take either American or Canadian coins. I do not know if the USA version could take Canadian coins or not.

Most Centurions that are still in use in Sprint Local territory have been converted to COCOTs.

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