Australian Public Telephone


Date 1998

The B-eLab Broadband Payphone being trialed in Launceston, Tasmania. 
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 These phones are new type which incorporates a large LCD screen and touch sensitive display. The phone only takes smartcards. I have only seen these phones at the Adelaide airport however I believe that that they may be located in other areas as well. The phones are physically very large. There is no dial/keypad on these phones. All dialing is carried out using the touch sensitive display. The screen also has various options to send e-mail, query white and yellow pages, and various other services. A small slit towards the bottom of the case looks like it is designed to provide hardcopy printouts of screen information.

-text by Henry Titchen. Reproduced with generous permission of author.

When Telstra Payphones wanted to update and refine their current payphones, they came to Neo to help them deliver the makeover.

The boxy metal Telstra Payphone found throughout Australia is becoming a thing of the past with the roll out of a stylish futuristic touchscreen phone.

These Australian designed and manufactured multimedia payphones have the same functions as their boxy predecessors with the ability to do so much more. As well as the usual coin and phonecard operations, the multimedia payphone combines payphone, smartcard, EFTPOS, multimedia and printer technology. This means you will be able to pay for services such as your telephone and electricity bills, theatre and transport tickets simply by using your smartcard, credit card or EFTPOS.

The MultiMedia Payphone was designed and manufactured as a special project for Telstra Payphones.