Name Marconi NET 800 (Neptune)
Maker Marconi 
Date 2002

The Marconi NET 800 is a unique interactive multimedia platform. It is designed for outdoor locations. It tolerates vandal abuse and a wide range of environmental conditions.

As a communication platform Marconi NET 800 offers voice telephony, email and SMS text messaging. Email and SMS can be internet based or routed through operator gateways.

As an information and commerce platform Marconi NET 800 can be connected to a range of broadband networks to connect to the Internet for Web browsing and commerce applications. Plus, information and content can be remotely downloaded to the terminal for local storage and access on request or for real-time delivery.

As an advertising platform the Marconi NET 800 graphical interface offers many opportunities for interactive menu screen and content topic advertising. When the machine is not in use the large screen can be used to broadcast digital video and images.

Marconi NET 800 accepts coin and all common card payment types, allowing service access charging and purchases at the terminal.

Key features

High vandal-resistant design

Super-tough touch screen

Rugged full-QWERTY keyboard

Sophisticated remote management

Stylish and ergonomic design

Future-proof modular design

Cash and card payment.

Revenue-generating services

High-speed Internet access


Short messaging services

Local information

Dynamic and banner advertising

Voice telephony

E-commerce applications

Future wireless connectivity

Sponsored-content channels.


Marconi Interactive Systems, in guise of founding companies, has been manufacturing payphones for almost as long as they have been in existence - in excess of 100 years!

The company can trace its roots back to 5 main founding firms; Siemens Brothers, founded in 1858, Peel Connor (later GEC Communications) founded in 1908, Helsby Relay, British Ericsson Co. and Marconi Co Ltd, founded in 1897.

From a succession of takeovers and mergers in the 1960s, 3 firms emerged; GEC Telecommunications (merger of Siemens and Peel Connor), Plessey Telecommunications (Helsby Relay and Ericsson) and GEC-Marconi. The first two companies merged in 1988 to become GPT Ltd., part of the GEC group.

Always Innovating

In 1998, the GEC group changed strategic direction and refocused its core business activities on the communications and IT sectors, disposing of non-core businesses such as defence.

To reflect and support the revitalised company, GEC changed its name to Marconi and the GPT brand was also changed within this programme.At every stage of the company's history it has been at the cutting edge of payphone technology.

Examples include the first 'automatic' payphone (i.e. that did not require operator intervention) pictured above, as well as the world's first 'intelligent' payphone controlled by a microprocessor which was introduced in the late 1970s.

The former GPT built upon its growing reputation for technical achievement with the introduction of the renowned Sapphire range of payphones. Sapphire consistently wins acclaim for its durability, versatility and ease of use wherever it is installed.

The Sapphire payphone was amongst the first payphone to incorporate sophisticated anti-vandalism features in addition to technological innovations such as remote phone diagnostics and modular component design.

Intelligent Payphones

The new millennium saw the launch of the latest generation of terminals from Marconi Interactive Systems.

The Neptune range takes the traditional payphone from offering just basic voice telephony into revenue generating data services, such as SMS and e-mail sending services.

Our latest product, the Neptune 800 web phone, is a fully featured multimedia terminal, with fast digital access to the Internet. This product ensures the future of Marconi Interactive Systems


GPT Payphone Systems Introduces New Neptune Range Cutting-edge Design 
and Technology from the World's Leading Supplier of Public Payphone 

HONG KONG, Dec. 21 /PR Newswire Asia-AsiaNet/ -- 

GPT Payphone 
Systems, a major supplier to Hong Kong, has taken the proven facets of 
its highly successful Sapphire payphone and developed Neptune, a new 
range of terminals in flexible packages to meet every operator's 
needs. The Neptune payphone is a masterpiece of ergonomic styling, 
operational efficiencyand revenue generating potential. The low cost 
of ownership and a progression of features within the range will provide 
operators with maximum choice forestablishing a highly profitable 
payphone network. Neptune 200 is primarily a voice terminal. It is 
similar to the GPT Sapphire payphone but has the unique Neptune style 
plus a variety of enhanced featuresincluding the ability to handle a 
range of network interfaces such as analogue, ISDN and GSM. Cost of 
ownership is a key focus providing excellent value frominitial purchase 
and throughout the product's life. Neptune 400 takes the public payphone 
in to another domain. With its large backlit display and integrated 
QWERTY keyboard, users can send SMS messages and access email as well as 
a wide range of text-based public information services such as sports 
results, weather forecasts and so on. And because many of themodules 
are similar to the Neptune 200, upgrading is a realistic future 
option. Neptune 800 provides Internet access through a specially 
toughened 12.1 inch full colour SVGA-TFT display and full QWERTY 
keyboard as well as a range of email andtext services available with 
the 400 model. "The Neptune range can boost operator profits through 
these revenue generating services, and also - through the reliability 
and low cost of ownership of the product range - reduce operating costs. 
Overall, Neptune poses a clear winning solution to meet operator needs 
in an ever-demanding market," said Liam Brown, Managing Director of GPT 
Payphone Systems.GPT Payphone Systems is a Marconi company. In its 
18-year history, GPT Payphone Systems has supplied nearly 1.5 million 
payphones to more than 80 countries. Marconi plc is a global 
communications and IT company with around 49,000 employees world-wide 
and sales in over 100 countries. It supplies advanced 
communications solutions and the key technologies and services for the 
internet. Marconi plc islisted on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ 
under the symbol MONI. 

For moreinformation, please visit www.gpt.co.uk  
or www.marconi.com.

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