Name  Sapphire
Maker  GPT Marconi
Date late 90s
The Sapphire is a robust payphone of modular design which allows easy hardware module upgrades without the need for specialist tools. Low maintenance costs and ease of repair of the payphone are further advantages for the operator where the cost of an engineer visiting a payphone can be significant. These facilities reduce the cost of ownership of the payphone network, allowing the operator to improve the profitability of its payphone operations and to install payphones into a wider range of lower-traffic locations because of lower operating costs.
So far spotted at-
Telephone Box
United Kingdom Finland Norway China
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Thailand Hong Kong UK
Text and Email Payphone Advantages:
The services offered are:
SMS Text Messaging.
BT TextDirect

Special Features:

QWERTY keypad.
4 Way keypad around the display.
Multi-payment options (currently BT Phonecard Plus
cannot be used to make data calls).
Current prices are 20p for telephony, 20p for email and 10p for SMS messaging.
Major cities such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester. Some Butlins Holiday camps, Service stations.
Payphone style:
Email, email to fax, SMS texting, telephony.
Mounted in BT housing, BT Phonecard, BT Phonecard Plus and cash operated (currently BT Phonecard Plus cannot
be used to make data calls), pay on answer.
Market Sector:
General public, students, young people, away from base, tourists, commuters, business travellers.
Dark Grey.
Ringer Equivalence Number (REN):
Height (without cash compartment) 435mm.
Height (with cash compartment) 821mm.
Width (door closed) 345mm.
Width (door open) 475mm.
Depth (door closed) 310mm.
Depth (door open) 425mm.

Weight (mechanism only) 14Kb.
Power Requirements:
Unlike the standard sovereign paychoice the upgraded unit has increased power requirements due to the display. It is therefore necessary to provide external power to each unit. 240 volt supply.
Line Requirements:
Payphone line with a Meter Pulse facility.