Name Clubtelefon 1  TM´┐ŻnzTel 88 (Coin Telephone 88)
Maker DBP (Deutsche BundesPost / German Federal Post Office)
Clubtelefon 1

Capability characteristics key field impulse choice procedure 3 types of money (10 Pf, 50 Pf, 1 DM) Coin insertion:  Before the discussion up to 3 x 1 DM and up to 4 x 50 Pf/l0 Pf. during the discussion coins can be inserted.  European traffic (including Turkey) asset announcement optical and acoustic request for paying repeating possibility by short hanging up re-dialling (only after short hanging up, after long hanging up the call number storage is deleted) mechanical and, electronic coin checking lockable  telephone receiver cord in the tank when desired callable no 220 V - connection necessarily k-No. 121,852 030-0 brown