Name M�nzfernsprecher OM� 63 (Coin Telephone 63)
Maker DBP (Deutsche BundesPost / German Federal Post Office)
Date 1963
The exterior of the MuenzFw 63 has three separate glass-fronted coin shutes next to one another and perpendicularly arranged.  Thus the equipment in a the position is to take up a larger money supply (8 times 10 Pf, 7 times 50 Pf, 4 times 1 DM) and to take the coins after its priority, independently of the order of the insertion.  Right beside the visible coin shutes a remaining credit balance announcement is arranged.  This announcement consists of a small view, in which a still existing remaining credit balance of the thrown in coins as numerical value appears.  Coin checking of the Muenzer 63 the same traffic possibilities the same check mechanism (SpNrS 55) permits, does not possess 2 traffic possibilities, to preventing illegal connections, and the same counters for determining minimum contents of the cartridge as the MuenzFw 56.  The coins are examined also for the same characteristics as with the MuenzFw 56.  1-DM-shute for separating coins with edge corrugation can also here inserted will again use the MuenzFw 63 are taking the money.  This mechanism examines whether within a certain time (about 1 second) after introducing a taking taking the money also actually a coin rolled toward to the cartridge.  If no coin was determined, the MuenzFw 63 is switched off automatically and held in taking  the money.  From it then first no discussions are more possible.  If the coin which can be taken arrives nevertheless still somehow at the board of control past into the cartridge, then the MuenzFw 63 again  taking the money switches itself with local calls with local calls MuenzFw 63 during the introduction from OZZ is not changed.  Thus the following taking taking the money results:  With existing 10-Pf-piece with each impulse twice 10 Pf are taken.  With an impulse if a coin with high order is taken, then deducted by this coin 20 Pf will become accounted for, with each further 16-kHz-lmpuls by the remainder of this coin however only 10 Pf.