Name M�nzfernsprecher OM� 56 (Coin Telephone 56)
Maker DBP (Deutsche BundesPost / German Federal Post Office)
Date 1956
Fernwahlm�nzfernsprecher 56 Fernwahlm�nzfernsprecher 56 ge�ffnet

In general use into the 80's inside was the coin telephone 56  (here an only small changed model from 1972) the classical public telephone box after the Second World War.  It had been designed for local and long-distance calls and three coin types.  The coins are taken automatically in 10-Pfennig units during the discussion by electrical impulses.  The minimum amount was always 20 Pfennig.  With counting relays drop contacts were released, so that remainders were lost on completion of the discussion.  The inside of a public telephone box was extremely complex as electromechanical system, since the coins had to be examined for its priority and authenticity, be led in courses guided to counting devices and finally into a money box.

Intended purpose as "public public telephone box" for 1.local calls, 2.STD in the inland.  Discussions with the remote office, which is telegram admission and automatic dial long-distance calls abroad not certified and therefore technically prevents.  Using coins:  10 Pf -, 50 Pf and 1 DM coins.  The MuenzFw 56 is to be attached to 220 v-a.c. mains.  The inserted power supply unit regulates tension deviations from + 10 %. to - 15 % of the mains voltage out.  The small relays 65 receive stabilized operating DC voltage from 19 V, the remaining relays DC voltage from 24 � 1.2 V.  With employment within the influence range by alternating current courses the following preventive measures are to be implemented:  The red wires of the two clamping screws 1 on the baseplate and on the back of the tiltable employment decrease and isolate.  Both clamping screws are to be connected with a mobile wire.  The system earth line is to be advanced isolated from the next switching point and be set on the clamp "E".  The protective grounding line is to be turned on by the nearest metal part of the railway facility to the clamp 1 on the baseplate (minimum cross section within the MuenzFw 1.5 mm2 cu).