Name   Table Coin Telephone 33
Maker   DBP (Deutsche BundesPost / German Federal Post Office)
Date   1933
Public telephone box for local calls from sheet metal/bakelite this apparatus was used with participants, those their telephone for a larger circle of acquaintances for the order to hold must (restaurants, pensions etc.).  It can as direct line or 2.  Apparatus to be switched.  Any long-distance calls, calls of the telegram admission and the absent subscriber service are closed.  The apparatus may not do as "public telephone" characterized will advancement of the pre-war model TiMuenz 33:Anpassung in new coins and fees:  now two 10-Pfennig do not have inserted will again are intended one above the other for the local calls a timeout control, automatic dial long-distance calls u.ae.  (preselection 0...) by the check dial are prevented.  Calls can be completely normally received, with outgoing discussions remain the microphone up to inserting and Duchschieben (levers blank to the right) of the coins switched off
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