Name Clubtelefon 5
Maker DBP (Deutsche BundesPost / German Federal Post Office)
Capability characteristics now again with statistics counter for taken amount and taken up 16-kHz-Impulse stable coin telephone for the wall assembly, with durable metal housing, telephone receiver with sturdy tank hose, metal keyboard admission of 10-Pf -, 50-Pf -, 1-dm, 2-dm and 5-DM coins call bar enterprise as coin telephone block tariff is possible only with switched counting pulse (16 kHz):  At the beginning of a discussion several units cannot be processed a battery, no 230-V-connection clay/tone call volume adjustable coin recognition tone do not prevent  emergency call numbers 110 and 112 coin free 16 point display amount of minimum as well as still available assets to become indicated optical and acoustic request the money A throw remaining credit balance can for a further discussion be used switchable choice procedure re-dialling world-wide telephone calls possible programmable one aiming branch, e.g. for the taxi barriers of certain species of money the setting-up of the amount of the first unit between 0,00 DM and 1.50 DM in 10-Pf-piece establishment of the amount for subsequent units between 0,00 DM and 1.50 DM color:  White-Aluminium price:  2015.00 DM (conditions:  1.8.2000)