British Telecom Koisk No. 7

In 1959 the Post Office approached the architect Neville Conder to design a modern kiosk. He responded with an ultra modern design using the new trunk dialling pay phone equipment.

The Kiosk was 14 inches shorter than the K6 and was constructed from aluminium, with large panes of glass.

The Kiosk was trailed in Central London in January 1962 and the public were invited to send their comments to the Postmaster General.

Due to the English weather the Kiosk never got past the prototype stage as the aluminium bled greyish streaks over the assembly and the panels blistered. It looked a complete mess.

Only five aluminium examples entered service, four in London and one in Coventry. A further half dozen were commissioned in cast iron, but it is not known where they were erected, if anywhere. The aluminium prototypes continued in service for the next twenty years.

The interior is shown below.

This led to the development of Kiosk No 8.