Ascom Nordic, formerly Great Nordic Telephones � GNT
Made by ASCOM (ASCOM was formed in 1987 by the merger of three Swiss companies:- Autophon, Hasler and the Telecoms side of Zellweger).
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In use in Kenya the Phillipines
The widely used GNT 502, 503, 800, designed by Henning Andreasen for GNT in the late eighties (received the Dansk Design Centers ID-prize in 1989.)
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Mexico Saigon, Vietnam- the former US Embassy site. Egypt
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Saudi Arabia New Zealand Belgium

Ascom Payphone Systems, active with its products in over 70 countries, is worldwide market leader for payphones and payphone management systems. Core business is payphone terminals for payment with coins or cards, but also management systems for payphone networks as well as processes and equipment for counterfeit-secure transactions. In industrial countries the demand for conventional coin and card telephones is tending to decline, while the demand for multimedia terminals with access to the Internet and on-line services, on the other hand, is increasing. Orders were received last year primarily from Singapore, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, New Zealand, USA and Uganda.

The trend with payphones is towards equipment based on ISDN technology, with interactive Point of Information facilities and with data-secure Point of Purchase features, i.e. secure, on-line payment facilities. In addition to accessing information via the Web, it is possible, for example, to execute payments, make reservations and carry out financial transfers, to send and receive faxes, e-mails and SMS messages, as well as to conduct conference calls. At this year's CeBIT, Ascom is presenting a range of interesting solutions for use in public payphone systems.

With the new eXIUM ISDN payphone, Ascom has developed the classic payphone into a highly intelligent terminal which offers customers advanced services and easy access to information. Using progressive Interfaces and a dynamic monitoring system, payphones become complete Points of Information and secure Points of Purchase. The basis for this development is the ISDN technology. Thanks to improved information, customer loyalty is increased, new customer segments are captured and the whole payphone business thus becomes more profitable.

Proxim represents the very latest generation of payphones with extensive services. Proxim accepts a whole range of e-cards, from prepaid cards, bank cards and credit cards right through to paycards. The unit offers a particularly high level of user comfort and not least, simple access to a whole range of new services. Proxim is the ideal payphone for public areas without or with only minimal monitoring and can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

The Axelit model has been constructed for use in non-supervised areas and fulfils every customer requirement placed on a user-friendly payphone with extended functionality. It offers a selection of various methods of payment including prepaid cards, credit cards and paycards. The basic Axelit model can be supplied as a coin-operated telephone that can be converted to a coin and card telephone with a variety of payment methods at a later date. Thanks to this flexibility, the cost to the operator for such an extension is reduced, the circle of users is increased andhence also the Return on Investment for the operator. Because based on its robust design it is able to stand up to vandalism and weather conditions, it is ideal for both indoors and outdoors use. Additionally, Axelit can also be connected to the Ascom Payphone Management System which checks the status in respect of maintenance and the cash level daily.

DialLine is the ideal card phone for companies and institutions that want to offer their customers the convenience of a public telephone. The DialLine card-operated telephone is an extended-feature, desktop telephone with the facility to pay using prepaid cards. Hence the costs of wall-mounting associated with a conventional payphone are no longer incurred. DialLine can be used in public places such as stores, restaurants, hotels or hospitals. DialLine also offers operators an excellent solution for private households since the need to send out bills is eliminated and delayed payments can be avoided.

Security when settling accounts with ProSAM
Besides payphone models, Ascom also develops innovative software solutions for operators, which offer them expanded functionality both for the classical payphone as well as for the very latest card technologies. These solutions from Ascom are oriented to future technologies. Ever since chip card applications first reached the world of payphones, the card authentication has offered a significant security parameter. The very latest chip cards (Eurochip and T2G) offer the prerequisites to permit secure and checkable authentication. The performance of the certified security module ProSAM from iT_SEC, has already been proven. It protects against counterfeit cards and provides security during the settlement between the card provider and the telephone operator.

ProSAMis integrated in Ascom's Payphone Management System and like every other solution from Ascom, can be individually adapted to the customer's requirements. With the integration of this security module Ascom offers its customers forward-thinking solutions with the worldwide largest range of services, functionality and reliability.

PMS - The management system for payphones
The Payphone Management System (PMS) is a comprehensive software solution, which manages all types of payphones independent of their type or technology. With its basic functions right through to high-grade business applications, PMS offers a whole range of easily accessed information.

The modular and flexible design of the PMS permits the installation, use and payment of only those modules that are required for the special operations. Dependent on the extent, complexity and structure of the operation, PMS payphones can be managed from a central point or via regional certres. The PMS is the powerful backbone system of the worldwide successful security concept for payphones from Ascom.

Berne, 23 February 2000


eXANTO - cardphone

With the new eXANTO cardphone platform Ascom presents a range of versatile payphone terminals. The eXANTO solution for the standard PSTN network is designed to take full advantage of all the services offered by Ascom�s state-of-the-art payphone management system PMS150 and our renowned payment security concept ProSAM, in this way ensuring a maximum return on investment.

With its ergonomic yet robust and vandal proof design eXANTO is especially suited for areas with heavy public traffic at exposed sites as well as locations with a harsh exterior environment e.g. in deserts. With eXANTO you get numerous applications at a reasonably low overall investment.
eXANTO Combi - Outdoor multi-payment payphone

The eXANTO platform from Ascom represents a new range of versatile payphone terminals. 

The eXANTO Combi multi-payment solution is designed for standard PSTN networks and is fully interchangeable with the eXANTO Cards terminal. 

With graphic screen and contextual function keys, eXANTO Combi is prepared for advertising and local information services, thereby enabling operators to achieve the best possible return on their investments. 

Vandal and fault tolerant coin processing, modular design and smart coin handling insures the lowest possible operation costs. 

It's ergonomic, yet robust and vandal-proof design, makes eXANTO Combi suitable for environmentally exposed areas as well as areas with heavy public traffic.
eXANTO Interactive

eXANTO interactive from ascom represents the latest innovation within the eXANTO range of payphones. Fully dedicated to value added services, eXANTO interactive offers (with userfriendly interface) a wide range of services starting from basic phone calls up to entertainment or e-government services.

eXANTO interactive with its colour touch screen and its high speed connection is designed to be the access point to e-services in public areas, providing to operators the opportunity to attract new segment of users

eXANTO GSM is designed to provide the best service and to ensure the maximum returns on investment in all those locations where wireless connection is more accessible than landline PSTN, such as remote areas, at special events and on emergency sites.

Benefiting from Ascom's extensive experience in Mexico (17,000 wireless payphone installed), the eXANTO GSM payphone is ready for "plug-and-call" installation in alllocations.

eXANTO GSM is ready for dual band operation on GSM 900-1800 or 1900 MHz, and deliverded with a fully integrated, high protection mains power supply (85 to 265 V, 47-63 Hz), so there is no need to install a fragilee power plug in a temperature controlled, vandal-proof shelter!.

Finally, the eXANTO GSM payphone comes with a fully integrated transceiver from a world-class OEM module manufacturer and software that incorporates both mains supply and battery management to achieve the best possible combination of standby and conversation autonomy
eXANTO Indoor Cardphone
The eXANTO platform from Ascom represents a new range of versatile payphone terminals. The eXANTO Indoor cardphone is designed for standard PSTN networks, offers the same features as the outdoor version - and derives full advantage from all the services displayed by our future-oriented payphone management system.
This way, the eXANTO Indoor is the obvious choice for achieving the best return on investments.
With its ergonomic yet robust and vandal-proof design, eXANTO Indoor is suitable for both environmentallly exposed areas in supervised locations and areas with heavy public traffic.
Ascom Berkshire card activated telephone