South America

Public phone A row of public phones
1994 - red Japanese payphone seen on Galapagos Islands
A public phone booth
Most families in Ecuadorian cities have telephones at home from which local, long distance and international calls can be made. Many individuals are given cell phones for personal use as part of the benefits package of their employment.

Telephones in the mountain villages are more rare. Not all families have a telephone; however, there is always a phone in the center of town � either in a booth or in the pharmacy. In both cities and towns, there are often shops that offer the use of their phone for a small fee. Pay phones are more common in small coastal towns due to the influx of tourists.

All pay telephones are operated by phone cards which can be bought at telephone sales offices, souvenir shops, convenience and food stores. Since many Ecuadorians have left the country over the last few years, there is a large market for international phone cards. With careful shopping, it is possible to find bargain prices for international calls. To make an international call with a phone card, simply follow the directions on the back of the card.

104 is the number to dial for directory assistance, and 105 is used for an operator who will connect the call to a cell phone or help to complete an international call.

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