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Looks like a British cabinet Awesome phone! (made by Danish Ascom Nordic ) Old faithful...
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An "old model" New Zealand coin telephone. (A British CT700 )

Photo by Kingpin. 
the classic NZ booth!
The Telecom PayPhone network 
In December 1999, Telecom completed the installation of a new and improved Payphone network to replace existing CardPhones, CoinPhones and Credit Card Phones with a single Payphone design.

The new network resulted in most Payphones having improved functionality and many new locations added to the network. The new Telecom Payphones accept credit cards (with the exception of 500 smaller indoor Payphones), and approximately 450 of the phones accept coins. In addition, 500 indoor Payphones feature modem access for PC users, particularly useful in locations such as airports and hotels. You will need to have your own portable PC to take advantage of this feature.

Every Payphone accepts the new chip phone cards, so there's no more searching for the right Payphone.

In addition, new services such as multi-payment options, multi-language (with user instructions in English, Maori, Samoan, Tongan and Japanese), quick-dial keys, last number redial and a follow-on call key make using Telecom Payphones that much easier. 

Interesting Facts

Over 2.5 million Telecom phone cards are produced every year 
Millions of minutes of calls are made using Payphones every month 
There are 3 Telecom New Zealand Payphones in Antarctica 
The new Payphones will have user instructions in different languages: English, Maori, Samoan, Tongan and Japanese 
The first coin-operated call boxes were developed in America in 1889, and were first used in New Zealand on August 17th, 1910 
Coin phones were the only type of pay phone available in New Zealand until 1989, 100 years after the first payphones were developed 
The first new Telecom CardPhones (Series 3001) were installed in 1989 
Credit Card Phones were introduced to New Zealand in 1993 
On average, Telecom Payphones are operational over 98% of the time.

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