Payphone and telephone box related websites - Henry Titchen's Australian payphone site - NTT Japan Digital Museum Payphones of the World images - The original pay telephone directory, operated by El Jefe - User-contributed listings of pay telephones throughout the US and images - The Telephone File (UK) - Comprehensive guide to UK telephone koisks and payphones (UK) - Guide to UK payphones (UK) - History and guide to British phoneboxes, including a personal collection of UK kiosks and letter boxes (UK) - Company specialising in the restoration of British red telephone boxes (UK) - Company specialising restoration, installation, hire of the iconic K6, British Red Telephone Box (UK)> - American site touching on phone phreaking (USA) - The Mojave Phone Booth site - Payphone phreaking enthusiasts site - Cool Canadian payphone site

Telephone Collectors’ Associations - Australasian Telephone Collectors Society - Antique Telephone CollectorsAssociation (USA) - ATCA links page - Telephone Collectors Internationaln (USA) - Telecommunications Heritage Group (UK)

Phonecard and home telephone websites - Phonecard collecting with focus on United Kingdom British Telecom (BT) issues (UK) - One stop site for all things Callcard - Irish Phonecards (Ireland) - Collectors' guide to vintage and retro telephones (UK) - Guide to antique and modern home phones (UK) - French site with links to phone sites (France) - Antique Telephone Collecting Ring (lots of good links) - International Telecommunications Union - Collector of vintage and antique telephones (and related memorabilia) located in Western Australia.

German sites (in German)

Antique Payphone and home phones for sale - The famous American company Phoneco. - British antique phone shop (UK) - Retail site for antique telephones including British GPO Bakelite telephones (UK)

Payphone manufacturers / vendors sites - Modern American payphones for sale

Mobile phone and Smartphone sites - Mobile phone resources (networks, manufacturers, unlocking, ringtones, etc)

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