Spanish Telephone Kioks and Payphones

Telefonica/Movistar payphone in Playa Blanca Terminal Neptune

Telefonica/Movistar payphone in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Hooded unit in Mirador Del Rio, Lanzarote. Spain- Terminal multimedia Marconi Neptune 1000
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1993- Barcelona, Spain. A "green goblin" that takes coins and cards.

Photo by Drew Lehman.

with thanks to www.2600.com

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It is common for every home in Spain to have a telephone capable of local, long distance and international calls. One can make an international call simply by dialing zero and then the country, city and phone number.

payphones are easily found in both cities and villages and are fairly inexpensive, even for international calls. Most phones are designed to take either coins or calling cards. Cell phones have grown in popularity and currently are widely used.

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Old phone tokens-
Obverse a telephone with dialer
Reverse Word 'Telefono' with number 447

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