Irish Telephone Boxes and Payphones

West Cork  - post/telefon box at model village, Clonakilty West Cork  - telefon box
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L & G Streetphone (IPM Italy payphone) thanks to Daniel
ire-phone2.jpg (55580 bytes)
American-style phone in Italian-style booth. thanks to Daniel

Eircom uses L&G Street coin phones (called Phonotaxe BTE 64) which accept all coins etc. (these are not the most common phone).

Smart Card phones, most of which are manufactured by Schlumberger have been in service since the mid 1980s and out number coin phones. These have been upgraded over the years to support more and more sophisticated cards, but still usually get used with a simple pre-paid "CallCard" many of them also accept credit/debit cards as well as VISAcash. However only some can read magnetic credit cards.


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