French Payphones

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Gare du Nord, Paris French Schlumberger card-phone French Schlumberger
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French Telephone Kiosks

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Two Schlumberg card payphones I think France has the world's most graceful boothes. These ones are specially decorated for the world cup.
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French Schlumberger French Schlumbergers
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French Schlumberger
Using a public phone

French Payphone History

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Old phone tokens-
Issued 1937
Obverse PTT telephones publics
Reverse Republique Francaise


Jeton T�l�phone Public 1937

Public telephone booths

The first public telephones appeared in Paris and in some cities in the provinces in 1884. These booths were at first placed in some Post Offices and in the main offices of the S.G.T.

Cabine T�l�phonique

The service was opened on 1st January 1885 under the following conditions:

‣Non-subscribers paid 50 centimes for 5 minutes conversation
‣S.G.T. subscribers received a telephone card giving them the right to telephone free of charge from all public telephone in S.G.T. offices.
‣People wishing to subscribe to the public telephone service received an annual subscription card costing 40 francs. With this card, they could telephone from any public telephone, State or S.G.T.

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