Klavs Helweg-Larsen: Public telephone (the question mark), since 1984. Manufacturer: Erik Roug A/S

Klavs Helweg-Larsen's public phone is easily recognisable shaped like a question mark. Helweg-Larsen intended that the phone should send a clear signal itself - that it should work like the traditional red English telephone boxes. The telephone box is an open construction standing apart attached to a socle. The box is flat and has been made of welded plates of stainless steel with a hollow space filled with foam material that stabilizes the construction. The bright steel ensures a long life time and makes it easy to maintain. If the lower part is removed the phone box can also be placed on a wall. In 1981 the phone box won a design competition arranged by KTAS and the Danish Design Council and it was introduced in 1984. It has also received the recognition of Copenhagen County for beautiful and well-made inventory of Copenhagen.
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Copenhagen Danish Ascom Nordic payphone
Payphones in Denmark Trial Field trials of GPT Sapphire coin phones in Denmark could lead to orders for up to 2,000payphones throughout the country. The trials currently underway follow the signing of a Letter ofIntent (LoL) between GPT Payphone Systems, a division of Marconi Communications, and Tele_Danmark, Denmark's leading telecommunications provider. The photograph shows the GPT and Teledanmark teams involved in the trial. This order serves to strengthen the long-standing relationship between GPT Payphone Systems and TeleDanmark and represents a first for GPT Payphone Systems in supplying its world-leading Sapphire range into Denmark.

The Sapphire is a robust payphone of modular design which allows easy hardware module upgrades without the need for specialist tools. Low maintenance costs and ease of repair of the payphone are further advantages for the operator where the cost of an engineer visiting a payphone can be significant. These facilities reduce the cost of ownership of the payphone network, allowing the operator to improve the profitability of its payphone operations and to install payphones into a wider range of lower-traffic locations because of lower operating costs. 

The GPT range of intelligent payphone solutions is designed to suit all market needs, in street, semi-supervised and full supervised locations such asbars, restaurants, and hotels. The payphones are supported by a complete range of cashless calling and payphone management systems, giving customers the benefit of single source supply for all their requirements.

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