The ubiquitous "little blue box" seen all over American kiosks in saigon airport - I wonder how long they've been there? Saigon- the former US Embassy site. Danish Ascom Nordic payphone
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Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Danish Ascom Nordic payphone
The US consulate is built on the site of the former US embassy. The tourist brochures say it is a "much more appropriate size" and remark that there's a monument to the "communist martyrs", who died defending the city, in the grounds of the consulate. http://www.uscongenhcmc.org/.
The Vietnamese Posts and Telecoms (VNPT) has commissioned Ascom to supply 4670 Proxim payphones (card operation only) and three large IBM servers for the updating of the existing network. The payphones will be installed this year in all of Vietnam´┐Żs Provinces. Already in 1997, Ascom was awarded a contract by the Vietnamese authorities for a countrywide public telephone network. The contract at that time covered a payphone management server in each of the 61 Provinces, a central server in Hanoi as well as payphones throughout the country. (Alan Tan; alan@ascomsin.com.sg)