Myanmar (Burma)
1994 - A "non-modern" model in Yangon, Myanmar - formerly Rangoon, Burma.

Photo by Julie Alperin.

with thanks to 2600.com


Rare Card Phone (Public Phone)

There is a card-phone at the University of Foreign Languages. But, it can't be used because it broke about two years ago. I bought five cards at 200 K each. But, I couldn't find the machine to use the cards. I came across the card-phone in the general post office unexpectedly. There are not much road-side card-phones which are very convenient to use. So, I did not happen to use them. There are hardly any phones that can be used with coins that came into circulation two years ago. In there anyone who use the phones? Why are coins that are hardly in use still being made again? These are puzzles. (k.k)   7/02/2002